BE AMAZED. Look at random photos of people and discover the beauty and diversity of human faces.
Take a picture of a face and upload it to become part of this worldwide community.

BE CURIOUS. Discover and explore the uniqueness of all the different human faces.
See young, old, happy, sad, funny, serious and most of all original faces.

BE CREATIVE. Upload a picture of a face. Any face, really.
Take a picture of yourself, a friend, family member or even a stranger on the street.

BE ENTERTAINED. Have some fun and see how fascinating, amazing, beautiful, funny, crazy, creative, surprising and most of all unique we human beings are.
Look at photos from all over the world and explore the diversity of the human race.


  • See photos of people from all over the world
  • Upload any photo of a face
  • Save any photo as a favorite
  • Switch between random and favorite photos
  • Show date and location of each photo
  • Works on iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad


  • Swipe Left / Right or Shake to load a new random photo
  • Swipe Down to show the help screen
  • Swipe Up to use the camera & upload your own picture
  • Double Tap with one finger to display photo date & location
  • Double Tap with two fingers to toggle photo mode
  • Long Press to save a photo as a favorite or report an abuse.

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