• 1.General Questions
  • What is "Snowflaked"?

    "Snowflaked" is a simple app that displays photos of people from all over the world. Everyone is invited to join and upload their photo.

    Simply swipe left or right to display a new face and browse the infinite beauty and diversity of the different human faces.

  • How does it work?

    "Snowflaked" is really simple to use:

    1. Swipe left/right to load a new picture
    2. Swipe down to display a help screen with instructions on how to use the app
    3. Swipe up to display the camera to upload a new photo
    4. Long Press to report a picture as offensive/abusive

  • How can I participate?

    Download the app and upload a photo of a face to become part of this worldwide community.

    You can upload any photo of a face. The only restriction is that the photo can only contain a single face, not more.

  • Who owns the picture after I upload it?

    By uploading a photo, you confirm that you own the legal rights to publish it.
    After a successful upload, you still own these rights. If you would like your picture to be removed, please use the "Report Abuse" function or send in an official support request.

  • What happens if I upload an offensive picture?

    First of all, please don't. This is supposed to be a fun app and we hope that every user respects that and helps us keep it fun and fair for everyone.

    Second, if you upload an offensive picture, it will be reported and deleted immediately.

  • What qualifies as an offensive photo?

    Any photo that is pornographic, violent or may in any other way be offensive to other viewers, will be regarded as an abuse and be flagged and deleted.

  • Someone uploaded a picture of me. Can I delete it?

    If you would like a picture to be removed, please use the "Report Abuse" function in the app or send in an official support request.

  • How can I report a copyright violation?

    To report a copyright violation, please use the "Report Abuse" function in the app or send in an official support request, providing the date & location of the picture.

  • 2.Technical Questions
  • Which devices / platforms are supported?

    "Snowflaked" is currently only available for iOS (iPhone /iPod Touch / iPad).

  • Why do I get the "No Face Detected" error?

    "Snowflaked" automatically checks if the photo you take contains a face. Since the purpose of this app is to create a worldwide community of faces, the app checks for exactly ONE face, so you should make sure there is only one face in the picture, not more, not less.

  • Why do I get the "Too Many Faces" Error?

    If there is more than one face visible in the photo, the picture will be rejected.
    In order to upload a photo, please make sure there is only one face in your photo.

  • 3.Privacy Questions
  • What kind of data do you store?

    Please refer to our Privacy Policy.